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Same as with our music, Curaçao has a rich diversity in dances. Here too the marriage between European ballroom dances and African tribal-dances gave birth to our own local folkloric dances. Our waltz, mazurka, polka, dansa, are a combination of elegant European style with rhythmic African moves.

At CCC we concentrate specifically on teaching folkloric dances, and have classes for children and adults.

In our objective to promote and preserve our folkloric dances for future generations, we have designed a special program in which we prepare future dance teachers.

Besides the basic dance classes, the participants also receive lectures on dance history, traditional dance costumes, music, leadership and communication.

This serves to provide the future teachers with the necessary tools so that they will be able to form dance groups of their own that are able to perform well in public dance presentations.

Furthermore after graduation, these teachers can be used to give dance classes in neighborhood activity centers, in order to promote folkloric dances. 


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